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The Power of Acknowledging Spiritual Poverty

Acknowledging that we are spiritually poor is a critical step in the development of our faith and the conception of our happiness. By declaring spiritual bankruptcy, we set aside our instinctive desire to self-sustain and instead place ourselves in a vulnerable position of spiritual poverty, completely dependent on something, or in this case someone, else to sustain us.

This step is pivotal because we might otherwise believe that the power we possess is our own and for us to do with what we want. However, the reality is that all the power comes from and all the glory goes to the Creator.

As Winnowed Warriors (Christ Followers), every day must begin with Step One, which is acknowledging that our spiritual wealth comes from Jesus alone. This is because there is no reaching for step two without successfully fulfilling the first step.

Jesus said, "Blessed (happy) are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Therefore, let us file spiritual bankruptcy and join Jesus in his kingdom of heaven every day.

Remember, the work is ours to do, but all the power comes from and all the glory goes to the Creator.

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