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The Strength in Meekness: Exploring the Power of Gentleness

The word "meek" often carries a negative connotation, implying weakness or submissiveness. However, as Christ-followers, we know that meekness is far from weakness. In fact, it implies that we are full of power, and more importantly, have the discernment to use it properly.

To understand this better, let's think of our home's electrical panel as a comparable circumstance. There's a lot of power coming into our homes, typically 240 volts of AC pumping about 200 amps of current. That's a decent amount of juice, but if untamed and with no direction, it would be dangerous to ourselves and others - not to mention the equipment that's dependent on it to run properly. That power must be made obedient so that it is not only safe but put to useful service.

We bridle that power properly through the different size breakers, wire gauge, and outlet capacity we choose to install in the panel that lead to the different places in our homes requiring specific levels of that power.

Similarly, we are made powerful, and in our position as the head of the home, we must make our power obedient to Christ. Making our power obedient to Christ implies that our power is not one of authority but of service to our family, friends, and even enemies. Service, not authority!

It's time to properly size the breakers in our lives and make our God-given power tame to the one who administers it to us to begin with. We should aim to be meek, not weak, and use our power in a way that honors Christ and serves others.

So, remember, meekness is not weakness. It's having the power to do something but choosing to use it wisely and for the greater good. Let's strive to be meek and follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who was the perfect example of meekness and humility.

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