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Hello, my name is Jason

Thank you for visiting Winnowed Warrior.


This ministry is geared towards the person who is struggling and I want you to know that you're not alone.

You are encouraged to stick around and engage. 

Contact me via any social or drop me an email:

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Welcome To The Threshing Floor! 


Here, we put off what the world says to us and strive to create a safe place for the broken to share with and learn from one another. 


Each one of us bring our own unique life experiences that have shaped us into the unique person that we've become today. 


Have you become the person you’re supposed to be?


What are you doing with the life that you’ve been given?

And, where do you plan to go from here?

As a Winnowed Warrior, you will be challenged to Accept, to Grieve, to Admit, to Desire, to Strive, to Work, to Seek, to Follow, to Rejoice, and ultimately to LOVE as you have been called.


This ministry is based on the Beatitudes, and is all about Jesus.

So come on in - and prepare to get uncomfortable as we shed the world and put on God’s Word!

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