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Have A Seat... Woman!

Woman do well when the men that love them put them in their place and keep them there.

Yup, that was the overarching point of my last BLOG and likely what will be taken out of context preventing me from ever being POTUS. Probably a good idea for you to go back and take in the previous article I posted intitled “Know Your Place Woman” before you get too deep into this one.

Moving on…

So now that we have Women correctly positioned in our perspective as men, it’s also our responsibility as head of home to encourage the Women that we love to sit down and listen up.

Now, don’t go taking that the wrong way! I’m simply making the basic implication that Women would do well to have the men in their life remind them when enough is enough.

You know what mean guys… right!?

I’m sure feathers are ruffled enough at this point for me to begin pulling this thing apart.

As I’ve shared with you before, my heart for men's ministry continues to grow and, in its doing, is helping me to discover that my position as head of home holds much responsibility. I’m beginning to understand clearly that I am not in charge of my wife and children but that they are in my charge. Meaning, I am and will be held responsible for how I took care of these precious gifts that belong to God and I have been placed in the position of stewardship thereof.

My heart for men and proper stewardship of my family is growing to realize the powerful significance Jesus has placed on Women and I’m feeling both quite embarrassed to just now have realize it and excited to be graciously blessed with carrying this message of love!

Now properly positioned into that of accountability of my family, I’m able to more appropriately step back and observe the behaviors of them. As I do, my attention is brought to the hustle and bustle of our daily life. We frantically move from one task to another feverishly filling even the gaps of quite time with toil and self-assigned burdens and unfruitful tasks. Certainly, I’m guilty of this activity and in doing so have set the wrong example for my son to follow. However, there is something oddly unique about the toil of a Woman, moreover, my Wife and Daughter.

I’ll try to explain what I’m seeing, in many Women not just those in my family, in this metaphor:

Jesus…. Help me write this so that she’ll hear it and he’ll understand it!

I see a sparrow that flaps her wings but never attempts to fly – not because she can not fly but because she has become satisfied with only flapping her wings. You see, her feathers were clipped in her youth preventing her from flying and she is now isolated to only the knowing of a desire to flap her wings. In her toil of unproductive flapping, she has become satisfied with a false sense of accomplishment never realizing the potential fruit of her efforts – FYLYING!

Doctor Luke brings our attention to this exact kind of behavior as he documents Jesus zooming in on two sisters that he, Jesus, makes time to visits with during his traveling. You may know them by the names of Martha and Mary.

Now, Martha is the one who actually welcomes Jesus into their home, but Mary is the one who spent time with him, SEATED at his feet, taking in the love he intentionaly came to share. Martha, on the other hand, was distracted with preparations and chores becoming aggravated with her sister Mary who wasn’t helping with the “wing flapping” she thought mattered. Martha became so frustrated that she even ratted Mary out to Jesus asking him to make her get up and "help me!".

Jesus responded sharply with “Snitches get stiches”

Totally kidding! He didn’t say that! What he did lovingly say with the heart of a Father was…

“Martha, Martha”

Side Note 1: When Jesus says your name – you should probably listen up.

Side Note 2: When Jesus says your name twice – you should probably sit down and listen up!

Jesus continues… “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed – or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

I see my wife and daughter, lots of Women actually, worried and upset about many things ultimately not choosing what is "better". Flapping their wings out of desire and instinct but in shear toil and futility not realizing that they actually have the miraculous ability to fly.

If only they had someone in their life to encourage them to step away from the distractions of this world, the meaningless time-consuming preparations that Do Not Matter. If only they had someone in their life to show them genuine compassion - offering up an abundance of grace and lifting their burdens. If only they had someone to help them hit the pause button and realize the permission given to them by their creator to rest in His presence.

Men, that’s our job!

To love compassionately – just like Jesus.

Pour out grace – just like Jesus.

To lift burdens – just like Jesus.

Encourage rest - just like Jesus.

I’m going to wrap up here because I have a kitchen floor that needs to be grouted and a family that needs to be loved on - additionally, I was just told that dinner is ready! I know I’m not done with this and have an idea where I’m headed to pull this all together however, I sure would love some encouragement and prayer - that what’s coming through me is a blessing to you and life giving to those that are breathing it in.

Love you guys,


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