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Who’s Your Daddy... Woman?

I’ve had this blog in mind since October however, have been struggling with how to pull it all together. The struggle ended yesterday when my friend at work exposed her issue to me.

I'll start with this - Women need to know their place and when it’s time for them to sit down and listen up. Yeah, Yeah... it's sounds rough but just go back and read the Blogs preluding this one titled “know your place” and “have a seat” - Woman. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while battling a gut punch of procrastination followed by a bitter main course of depression and wrapped up with a sweaty season of panic. Seriously, what’s my issue!? Well, I don’t quite know yet - but I do know that I’m NOT ALONE in my suffering and who to go to when I am. So, what’s your issue and who do you go to when you’re suffering? My thoughts are now aggressively brought to a lady initially referred to as “The Woman With The Issue” and how she fervently sought out healing from Jesus in the crowds as He was traveling. She suffered for 12 years with the personal / private issue of bleeding that no one could help her with. However, she knew and had the faith that if she could only touch the thread or edge of Jesus’s garment she would be healed. She said to herself "If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed." This “nameless” Woman silently came up behind Jesus - deliberately avoiding attention in the crowds and snuck in only a gentle touch of his clothing and knew that she was immediately healed from her suffering. Well, Jesus immediately knew it also; one because he’s God and two because he felt the healing power leave his body. Jesus then turns to his crew, pipes up and asks them “who touched me?”

He asked them not because He didn’t know who touched Him - but perhaps because He wanted His disciples to pay attention to what was happening?! As He was going to, once again, set a clear example for them how to lead and behave as head of their home. Kind of a “hold my beer” moment of sorts.

  • I’m not suggesting Jesus is a beer drinker! Clearly He’s a wine guy.

Anyway, Jesus's disciples weren’t helping and quite frankly didn’t seem too interested in being of any assistance or service.

  • This is default - off the shelf - dude behavior that must be eradicated.

So, and here’s my favorite part, Jesus kept on searching for her anyway with the loving heart of a Father. Not because He didn’t know where she was but because she didn’t know where she was! Or more accurately perhaps WHO she was! Realizing what had happened to her and that she couldn’t avoid being noticed, she returned to Jesus and fell at His feet. It’s at this time He says to her “take heart daughter” and then makes it clear that it was her faith that healed her - not the touching of His clothes.

In case you didn’t catch that...

  • Jesus names her Daughter!

  • It was her faith in Him not her works that healed her!

For 12 years this Daughter of God suffered in the misunderstanding of who she was and underestimated the great power of her faith. Interestingly enough at this very same time, Jesus was on His way to the Daughter of a synagogue leader who happened to be 12 years old and thought to be dead. So dead that her family had already begun ceremonial services. But when Jesus shows up... He makes it clear that she was only asleep, took her by the hand and she got up!!! Is that you? Have you inadvertently allowed yourself to be named by the world who sees you only as the issues you face? That’s not who you are - you are the King's Daughter! Has the world started your funeral service and your simply asleep? Wake up dreamer - you’re alive in Christ Jesus! I’m telling you what - if you wanna know how important you are as a Woman and Daughter to the King - you gotta get your nose into Gods Word! It won’t take long for you to connect the dots on how Jesus has placed you in such an amazing position to be honored and served.

These documented occurrences of Jesus favoring his daughters are all over the place and beautifully braided throughout history in the Bible. The specific story that I'm telling you about today was documented by both Matthew and Mark as eye witnesses to the occurrence and then later by Dr. Luke as a subsequent investigative effort, on behalf of Theophilus, to affirm its accuracy.

  • Matthew 9:18

  • Mark 5:21

  • Luke 8:40

And for my fellas in Christ! I hope that we are together finding our headship as an honorable position of humility and servanthood - offering up to others the same mercy and grace that we desire however, too do not deserve. We are Warriors in possession of great power that must be controlled and made obedient to God’s Will. Please help me help others by sharing this with folks you believe are hungry. Love y’all! Jay

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