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Rags To Riches

We all 💥 up - it’s in our system!  For some of us (me) it comes super easy and we’re really good at it… 🥴

We immediately begin reaching for what’s familiar and available to cover our mistake. 


I absolutely love how intentional God’s love is AND the romantic example He displays for us as Husbands and Fathers!  Check this out 👇🏼 

Adam 💥’d up big time and sent all of mankind into a tailspin.  He and his bride, for the first time felt exposed and the embarrassment of their nakedness so…. 

THEY covered THEMSELVES with what they had. 

Well, what THEY had wasn’t enough... and it ain’t the entire story!

Immediately following the role out of the punishment to Adam’s actions - God moves and one ups their coverings by making custom leather garments for each of them.  

Did you know that?

When’s the last time our kids made a mistake and we went out and got them a new Rawlings glove or Kate Spade purse?


Here God shows us that our actions have consequences and it’s not the punishment!  It’s the sacrifice !!!

In order for them to be properly covered, something had to give its life.  Leather don’t grow on trees y’all…. 

That feeling we get when we 💥 up…???

That’s mourning and what we’re supposed to feel!!!

But are you mourning YOUR mistake or are you properly mourning the sacrifice it takes to cover up your mistake?  ⏰ 🤯

God is so intentional with His Word and His Love. So romantic really - the old covenant shedding light on (sneak peak) the new covenant to come -  Yeshua! 

That’s Jesus in American 

There is a time to mourn and one of them is in this situation… outlined in Tactical Step 2 of Winnowed Warrior 

Step 2:

We grieve knowing that Jesus accepted the responsibility for our sins.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."

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